Music for Puppets
Righteous Pop Music (RPM) Music From One Way Street

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This series is devoted to transforming 'secular tunes' into 'sacred truths'
They make great puppet songs and are also sure to be favourites in children's church

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Righteous Pop Music volume 14
  • Change Change
  • Sin Stinks Love Stinks
  • He Won't Leave Me Please Don't Leave Me
  • Live Like the Savior Live Like We're Dying
  • God's House Brick House
  • Down at the Altar Down on the Corner
  • Thank God I'm a Preacher Boy Thank God I'm a Country Boy
  • Hey Soul Fixer Hey Soul Sister
  • Praise Song Love Song
  • Walk His Way Walk this Way
    $15.00 AUD 

  • RPM Volume 2 TV Bibletunes
    Uses familiar tunes of 20 classic sit-com themes to tell Bible stories.
    Hear the story of:
    Adam & Eve -Adams Family tune;
    Noah's Ark to Gilligans's Island;
    Mary & Joseph story to The Brady Bunch;
    other paradies included for:
    Flipper, The Beverly Hillbillies, Cheers,
    Hey Hey We're The Monkeys, Friends etc.
    $15.00 AUD
    RPM Volume 5
    # He Loves You (She Loves Me)
    # Believe (Believe)
    # I Want It God's Way (I Want It That Way)
    # Turning Christianese (Turning Japanese)
    # The Way He Loves Me (The Way You Love Me)
    # I Still Haven't Got What I'm Praying For
    (I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For)
    # Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Boat
    (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head)
    # All Prayed Up (All Shook Up)
    # Wake Up Lazy Christrian (Wake Up Little Susie)
    # Take My Sins Away (Take My Breath Away)
    # He Loves You (She Loves Me)
    # Believe (Believe)
    # I Want It God's Way (I Want It That Way
    $15.00 AUD
    RPM Volume 6
    # Give Me Some Blessin' (Give Me Some Loving)
    # Walking with the Son (Walking on the Sun)
    # Let Him Be There (Let Me Be There)
    # Fifty Ways to Follow Jesus
    (Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover)
    # I Can See Clearly Now (I Can See Clearly Now)
    # Preacher Man (Candy Man)
    # Be My Savior (Be My Baby)
    # Put Me in, Coach (Center Field)
    # Stuck in the Nursery with You
    (Stuck in the Middle with You)
    # Hey, Job (Hey, Jude)
    $15.00 AUD
    Righteous Pop Music volume 8
    Whole Lotta Praisin' Goin' On Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
    (God Loves) Everyday People Everyday People
    How Sweet It Is How Sweet it is to be Loved by You
    What I Like About God What I Like About You
    Salvation Vacation
    You Don't Mess Around With Sin You Don't Mess Around with Jim
    Manic Sunday Manic Monday
    Standing on the Rock At the Hop
    Time After Time Time After Time
    Sweet Home up in Heaven Sweet Home Alabama
    $15.00 AUD